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Satisfied with Ubisoft's sales, especially Switch - Nert 4. Life

Satisfied with Ubisoft’s sales, especially Switch – Nert 4. Life

Ubisoft was released last year Indestructible Phoenix Rising, New single player IP linked to Greek gods. Nowadays new single player owners have to fight to get the players ’attention, but the French company’s title seems to have won. Ubisoftin In fact, he declared himself satisfied Game Sale, Especially on the Nintendo Switch version.

It is said Ubisoft CFO – Frederick Dukett – During a meeting with investors. Togot said in translation: “Our new IP, Immortals Phoenix Rising, is grateful for the community support that has never been superior to a Ubisoft game. It has everything to become a greener topic, especially in Switzerland. To expand the range of Ubisoft’s audience.”

Indestructible Phoenix Rising

This is definitely news for Immortals Phoenix Rising fans Assuring. The game has received various DLCs over the months, but we do not know if there will be a sequel. However, in the words of Ubisoft’s CFO, the company expects sales in the long run. We hope to receive new information on the fate of this history soon.

We also bring you our review of the most recent DLC, in which we explain: “For the fourth time in six months we are leading Ubisoft to reward Quebec and its baby. Indestructible Phoenix Rising is not a valid title, it was not his DLCs But unlike the serenity with which this field seldom travels, the Canadian comrades (with the help of the Cheng Du team) have tried three times to change their own formula, immortal if it is not enough for you in structure or configuration, then “Lost Gods” may still be for you by its inherent quality and innocence Torn between being among some sins. “

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