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Forced landing of a Ryanair plane: Lukashenko's attack on the entire independent world - Politics

Forced landing of a Ryanair plane: Lukashenko’s attack on the entire independent world – Politics

To understand what happened you only need to list the sober facts: a European passenger plane with mostly 170 European passengers was hijacked on a flight between two EU capitals to a third country, with one excuse, and one passenger arrested. Can the EU be even more concerned?

What happened then was an incredible violation of the rules of international civil aviation and an attack on freedom affecting the entire world of freedom. However, before all other countries and institutions, it is the EU and its member states that must act immediately.

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Tonight’s the EU summit, which must really be dedicated to the broken relationship between the EU and Russia, the moment has come for clear reactions. The title fits – because the Belarusian regime could not have carried out this attack on civil aviation without Putin’s explicit permission.

Projects worth more than half a billion euros are supported

The release of Belarusian opposition leader Roman Protashevich from the machine was one of the first demands made by the European Union to the Belarusian government. All EU countries can still call on Belarusian ambassadors in their capitals to clarify their governments’ opposition.

The European Union and its affiliates, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EPRD, or the European Investment Bank, EIP, support projects worth over half a billion euros in Belarus. EPRD funds more than 3 1.3 billion in agriculture and infrastructure development. These payments should be stopped immediately.

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There is also: International aviation authorities need to quickly determine whether airspace over Belarus can still be considered safe.