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Sarah Francacio says goodbye to social media

Sarah Francacio bids farewell to social networks – Rickettsprint

Is it time for Sarah Francacio to say goodbye to her Instagram page? As stated on his official social profile, the food blogger feels the need to get out of his comfort zone.

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After the success of the show It is always noon, Led by Antonella Clarici, here comes a new, important and difficult challenge for the blogger to succeed? Summer Sarah Francacio Has officially started and for the blogger it means consecutive holidays that he can take together with the couple’s husband and daughter … but it does not end there.

In the last few hours, however, to arouse suspicion Post by Sarah Francacio Does this mean a big goodbye to social media?

Sarah Francacio bids farewell to social networks - Rickettsprint
Sarah Francacio bids farewell to social networks – Rickettsprint

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Sarah Francacio bids farewell to social media | Blogger’s confession

So, for many years, Sarah Francacio She learned to immerse herself in nature, to embark on various challenges such as a journey away from the world of social media, and to try everything that signifies a real novelty to her … even one day.

To illustrate it all, Sarah Francacio writes on her Instagram page: “A year ago we were about to leave for Trentino. Today we are leaving for a mini vacation in the middle of nowhere, with minimal phone usage + one day without any technology I already have tough arrangements. Will I do it? It looks like bullshit, but for those who have practically sewn the phone in the right palm, it doesn’t”.

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So, as the blogger himself pointed out, he did not say a definite goodbye to the social networks that built an important career and made his dreams come true.This means you have to get out of the comfort zone, try new things, and be lured by strangers because it is precisely what is hidden in a small corner of paradise.”.

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