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Sarah.Don's 99's 2B GoSplay enters your soul -

Sarah.Don’s 99’s 2B GoSplay enters your soul –

Near is a saga that has received more and more accolades in recent years. Eligibility comes first AutomataYoko convinced many players with his characters to give a chance to Taro’s story. The main protagonist is 2B, which is often recreated by Gosplay. Now, we bring it to you 2B Cosplay Realized by sarah.tonin99.

The 2B Gospel, made by Sarah.tonin99, is very loyal to the original work and includes the white flower, one of the game’s symbols. But there is one big difference: this 2B eye patch is not worn. sarah.tonin99 then searches us View, As if it were sneaking into our souls. The end result is better.

Near Automata and 2B are mostly focused on Gosplay. Here, for example, Gosplay of 2B by alco.loli is sexy. Then there is the Shiroken 2B Cosplay, which is floral and beautiful. Gospel of Nichiru 2B is also a beautiful beauty. Instead, B’s 2B Gosplay is always one of the best.

We bring you the dynamic type, Lenore Gosplay from irine_meier. Tiffany’s Gospel, written by Michela Lee 1, shows the most elegant dress here. Finally, it’s bloody and crazy how not to mention Monping’s Himigo Toka’s gossip.

Tell us what you think about this 2B Cosplay Made by sarah.tonin99? Did the character of Near Automata impress you, or do you think you have seen high quality versions?

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