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Samus Hunter மெ Nintendo Connect on Metroit Prime remake details

Samus Hunter மெ Nintendo Connect on Metroit Prime remake details

As promised yesterday, Samus Hunter is now speaking About the detailsShe asked about the Metro Prime range. She is more likely to see a remake of the first episode (not really a remake). The “Metro Prime Remake” project should not have really been born with the intention of developing the title, according to their information it is more of a machine change.

Retro Studios changed after the release Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Engine. The idea that Retro Studios is evolving Metro Prime4 Will be relaunched in mid-2018. However, Nintendo did not provide us with this information until January 2019. In order to test the new machine and help new employees understand the dynamics of the series, from a game and implementation and design perspective, employees participated in a section of the first game of the series and the dynamics redesign program. This will allow the team to work more consistently and consistently – hence Metro Prime4 – Get started.

Samus Hunter wrote that the team was happy with the decision, so Nintendo funded the development of the project. Models and stage designers were allowed to work, while those behind the story and completely new chapter ideas were thinking about the new project. Nintendo should be too Metroid Prime 2: Echoes And Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Look at an object, however, Sams Hunter agrees to a simple restoration job – like this The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD – Less work required. She suspects that the “Metroit Prime remake” may already be completed, but for obvious reasons, from October 8, 2021 Metroid Fear Appear.

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From a business perspective, Nintendo can Metro Prime1 Combined with a small teaser for the Nintendo Switch Metro Prime4 Relax the fans a bit and let them know about the current state of development. According to Samus Hunter, Nintendo is waiting for surprises for the coming year!

We will not be able to find out if there is anything in this story until 2022, should Nintendo remake it for the first time or remake it? Metro Prime For the Nintendo Switch. We will definitely let you know about this on Nintendo Connect!

First released September 30, 2021

Nintendo’s Android Tread reports have been with us for a while and since the game will be released on October 8, 2021, we can expect the last report next week. According to Samus Hunter, this is a developer diary of those who worked hard in the game.

In addition, she asked for “some interesting information about the Prime series” which will be revealed by her tomorrow, otherwise it will be a quiet day.

Emily Rogers says Nintendo is currently working on one Release of Metro Prime 1 Works for Nintendo Switch. This is what the well-known Nintendo Insider said a few days ago On TwitterThe idea behind the re-release The Metro Prime trilogy They may have been rejected because they heard about another game.

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Nintendo is currently busy working on a remake or at least the first release Metro PrimeTo work on the 20th anniversary of Nintendo’s game. ‘S original game Metro PrimeThe series debuted in 2002 at the Nintendo GameCube. Emily also says that there is absolutely no idea behind the idea The Metro Prime trilogy Crushed, but the remake of the original would be the idea that it might now appear in its place.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post The Metro Prime trilogy But we will keep you updated with an update!