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Samurai Warriors 5 July 27 is released on Nintendo Switch

Samurai Warriors 5 July 27 is released on Nintendo Switch

This historical drama is back, with reworked scenes and a new story.

KOEI TECMO Europe And developer Omega Force We are pleased to bring one of the best owners of the players’ epic historical drama: Samurai Warriors5. The game offers a whole new experience and a new story supported by a new visual style. This electrification against 1000 games is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch Play, PlayStation ®4 (but thanks to the PlayStation 5 for the free upgrade), Xbox (One and Series X | S smart delivery), and Steam for. Scheduled to release July 27.

Samurai Warriors5 At the end of the war, takes place in the Sengoku era, and tells the story of two of the greatest military commanders of this period: Nobunaka Oda and Mitsuhide Akechi. This opus contains several periods of that terrible period, i.e. when the early years of Nobunaka were known by the nickname “Ovary’s Madman”, as well as the period of turmoil and uprising that led to the Honne incident. -G.

The entire script has been completely redesigned and redesigned to fit the Sengoku period. In total, Samurai Warriors5 Provides new and old 27 executable characters. The original Mitsuki character, a Gaga Ninja, is also included. Other new characters will be announced later.

In addition, brand new Muso acts are added to the series, with the latest updated Frenzy attacks, raising the level of excitement that comes from fighting against enemy troops. The action is all processed by a dynamic art style similar to Japanese ink painting. Series Samurai Warriors The stories of Nobunaka and Mitsuhide come together on screen to elegantly evoke the Sengoku era.

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KOEI TECMO Europe The series was also revealed Samurai Warriors Available in two special editions, exclusively at the KOEI TECMO Europe Online Store. ‘S treasure box Samurai Warriors5 The collector’s box includes the soundtrack of the game, an art book, a selection of postcards, a cloth poster offering this opus’ new art style and of course a copy of the game. The Collector’s Edition of the game contains all the contents found in the treasure box, as well as a mini collection of acrylic media containing the main characters of this epic historical drama.