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Pokémon - Videospiele, Konsolen und Zubehör

Authors’ Memoirs: Our Review of Pokemon’s 25 Years – Tower

Already 25 years old? Wow, let it melt in your mouth. I spent most of my childhood with Pokemon, except for sleep and school. I’ve been a fan of the franchise ever since my grandmother gave it to me, five-year-old Redhead, Game Boy. It connects as much as kids want: imagination, fighting, collecting, friendships and competitions. It is not surprising that Pokemon’s cross-media presence triggered such a big wave that it is still unrealistic today.

I was able to learn a lot in the Pokemon Blue version. I especially remember doing reading exercises with Cam Boy. Someone has to say again that video games are a distraction from school. I learned to be jealous when my rival went to war with his Fukano, and I could not catch it because Fukano was not in this version – without the fun, I’m not in this shock today.

With each generation, new capture titles were added to the story, which were surprisingly deep for a game with children as the target group. I was particularly embroiled in the controversy between Team Magma and Team Aqua, the environmental terrorists who undertook the task of shaping the world according to their wishes and caused a catastrophe in the process. Even today, games teach key elements of social coexistence such as respect, friendship and perseverance.

Every once in a while, when I need a moment of nostalgia, listening to the soundtrack of previous generations is enough. During this time you can feel a part of your own childhood again. Many players I see challenging old games – after all, we were stabbed more than once by Red and Cynthia. Nowadays, however, Pokemon shines with its gorgeous looks, lots of pocket monsters and extensive online multiplayer mode, although it does have a few jokes. Difficulty has not increased in the last three generations – in fact, we should try to get more experience points these days. We were even happier about every point at the time. But it was the music of an old, old man …

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25 Years of Pokemon – A big thank you to the production teams behind Pokemon this time around. Thanks for the thousands of hours of adventure. Thanks to my favorite Pokemon Fukano and thanks for the weird works like Anthropox. Special thanks, of course, for my favorite game: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Sky Study Team.

But listen to this Pokemon Company and Game FREAK: You can’t and should not relax in your gifts! Get more ambition and invest more in your products. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild showed how to use Nintendo Switch technology to advance a franchise. The half-baked “open” world is not what old fans and new youngsters want. Instead of getting a product on short notice we want to wait a year for a very strong game, which can really only be scored with a few writing designs and soundtracks.

For another 25 successful years – let’s celebrate and engage in nostalgia!