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Top 10 Nintendo 64 Games for Marvel Fans

Top 10 Nintendo 64 Games for Marvel Fans

Considered a classic console by Nintendo 64 gaming fans, thanks to such an unforgettable library of gaming successes Super Mario 64 Or Zelda’s Legend: The Ocarina of Time. The console is unique thanks to the fact that Nintendo stuck to their guns at the time, making a cartridge-based console in a gaming world that began to fully embrace CDs.

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However, in the N64’s 393-title library, the publication of Marvel-related topics is poor, especially when compared to its publication with SNES. Since there are so many titles that any Marvel fan will love, this should not prevent Marvel gamers from watching the N64.

10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

Spider-Man skating on Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Tony Hawk Pro Skater Finally returned to many gaming consoles with its successful fragmentation Tony Hawk Pro Skater Remake 1 + 2. But any Marvel fans who have launched their N64 or are curious about the true look of the Hawk series, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 A great start.

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Besides a great game in the series, THPS 2 This is one of the few N64 games that has a direct connection with Marvel, as it features Spider-Man as a secretly unopened character. In terms of his amazing acrobatic abilities, seeing Spidey on a skateboard is not so far off, which could tell some of the next unlocked character in the live series.

9 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Wolverine skating on the Tony Hawk Pro skater

N64 not available Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 And 2, But also got the port of play for the third game of the series. Again, the original trilogy is a classic for the N64 and serves as an interactive historical lesson about the series’ origins. But Marvel fans will love to see it for a particular Adamondium-plated X-Men.

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That’s right, Wolverine is featured as an unopened character in this post, although Marvel has never officially listed skateboarding as its force. If fans think the picture of clumsy skating is too good to go up, they will enjoy the opening as well Star Wars’ In the game and in the dart mall.

8 Super Smash Brothers.

Ass Kong Throwing Picachu

Marvel fans who enjoyed the Hyper Combo Xenonics and crossover appeal Marvel Vs. Capcom The series will be disappointing with the absence of Capcom fighters with Marvel’s list. However, not all was lost because the N64 was a debut Super Smash Brothers, This has taken the crossover frenzy set by Marvel today to the deepest part.

Technology wizards sang praises Melee. The current benefit is dazzling Ultimate. But the first entry in the series is at least as solid and fun as the rest of the series. Its easy-to-play, hard-to-master game makes any thing addictive Smash Title. It is worth the experience.

7 Durok: Dinosaur Hunter

Droog shooting with T-Rex laser

The Marvel Universe has some unused potential with a game that takes place within Savage Land. Imagine that the X-Men or Avengers have to deal not only with supervisors but also dinosaurs. Any Marvel fan can only make comic books that want an adventure, nothing more Durok: Dinosaur Hunter.

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Based on the character of the acclaimed comics, the game features a first-person shooter, played by Native American soldier Drok, whose adventure involves expelling some of the worst hunters in the dinosaur kingdom. The game and its sequels were considered symbols of the N64. Drook currently runs on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

6 Gina: Warrior Princess: Amulet of Destiny

xena and joxer in n64 game

Marvel fans who love fighting games will be disappointed to learn that the release of the N64 fighting games is trivial. There were a few unique topics like Of killer intuition And Super Smash Brothers, But compared to the PlayStation and Saturn, the N64 owners had to dig.

Fortunately, gamers can face such hidden gems Gina: Warrior Princess: Talisman of Fat, A 3D arena fighter with tight controls and decent graphics. The game was created by Titus Games, the same company that amazes celebrities Superman 64 Sports. The game should also scratch the warrior fantasy itch of Marvel fans digging Conan Comic series.

5 Shadow Man

Going to the area of ​​games related to such comic book துரோக், N64 also had an action-adventure title Shadow Man. Based on the character of Valiant Comics, the game is centered on Michael Leroy’s sister Shadow Man, A warrior who fights serial killers and unnatural threats through voodoo magic.

The game has been released on many platforms, including the PlayStation and Dreamcast, and the HD remastered game is on track for the current generation of consoles. For Marvel fans who fondly remember the adventures Ghost Rider And Man-Thing In the Marvel Knights lineup, Shadow Man Do not disappoint the fans.

4 Star Wars: The Rogue Force

The x-wing flies on the Rouge Scratron

Long ago, in a galaxy called the “90s Star Wars Plenty of comics, books and video games were provided that provided an extended universe for the original movie trilogy. However that all changed when Disney acquired the rights Star Wars And has erased all stories from those topics.

‘S latest volume Star Wars Comics is produced by Marvel. So current Star Wars Comics fans will love the N64’s S setTar Wars An opportunity, including titles Rogue Force. In the opening game that did justice to the rebel pilots, fans get a chance to live their X-Wing dreams into the highly valued arcade-style aircraft shooter.

3 Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

Walker on Hoth in the Shadows of the Empire

Star Wars: The Shadow of the Empire Not considered an ideal Star Wars Spin-off, but in some circles, it is also considered an N64 classic. With its tight gameplay, it’s easy to see why it interacts with different levels and staples Star Wars actors.

In a side story that happens in between, the mercenary Dash plays in the render game The empire is attacking again And Return to the Jedi. The story is no longer considered canonical. But the gameplay in the story is easy to follow. And to Marvel fans who are enjoying it Star Wars Comics line, Shadows of the Empire Highly recommended.

2 Mega Man64

Mega Man Walnut and Roll

For Marvel fans looking forward to a fun, youthful, emotional-good adventure in a similar environment as 2016 Champions Or Power Pack Series, Or if they are looking for a comparable game The legend of Zelda Series, then Mega Man64 Of course it is. The game also came out on the PlayStation, but the N64 version is really great thanks to the smoother settings.

Players take control of Mega Man Walnut in his 3D quest. Mega Man The best stories in the series. After the canceled third installment for the Nintendo 3DS, players are still begging Capcom for the perfect sequel to this day.

1 Spider man

Spider-Man Websling in the n64 game

Marvel fans have rightly praised Insomnia before Spider man Game, the co-studio for Webslinger was the defunct studio NeverSoft, he was behind the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater Games. Considering their work Tony Hawk, NeverSoft seemed like the perfect studio to produce a 3D SFighter Man Sports.

Licensed games at the time had a terrible reputation, but NeverSoft was more concerned. Spider man. From the successful capture of the hero’s abilities in a 3D space, to the fan service wear that gamers can open, Spider man The ultimate N64 game easy for any Marvel fans.

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