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Samsung will delete your photos in the Samsung Cloud next month and back them up quickly!

Samsung Cloud will delete your photos and videos soon. The technology company has already announced that it will completely discontinue its popular cloud service as soon as it migrates to Microsoft One Drive.

Credit: Samsung

Samsung Cloud users are encouraged to upload their photos if they do not want to lose them within the next month. In fact, Samsung will soon eliminate the possibility of storing your photos in your Samsung Cloud service. Samsung Cloud will always back up your contacts, calendar entries and notes, But images and video content will no longer be part of what Samsung offers. So Samsung has developed a tool to transfer your data to Microsoft’s OneDrive, but it is possible Manually upload all your photos and save them elsewhere.

Samsung has divided its customers into two groups, each with a different time frame. Unable to know which group you belong to It is a good idea to save your photos and videos before September 30th, Group 1 Date of deleting their photos from Samsung Cloud.

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How to save your photos?

If you have enough space on your smartphone, You can choose to store your photos and videos locally on your device. In this case, you need to go to Settings and then go to “Accounts and Backup”. Below you will find “Are you looking for something else?” Need to find the menu. This will allow access to the Samsung Cloud. Finally, All you have to do is press “Download my data”.

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If you do not have enough storage on your smartphone, you can switch directly to OneDrive. As a reminder, 5GB of storage is offered on the Microsoft service. However, if your Samsung cloud storage limit is more than 5GB, you will automatically get the same storage for one year on one drive.

Finally, if you wish Save your pictures to your computer and you can do it in a few clicks. Going to will be enough Website Samsung Cloud And login. Then click on the gallery to download all the images. You can not preview them before downloading, and if you have a lot of pictures stored, Samsung will split them into multiple ZIP files.

Source: Android Headlines