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Samsung One UI Watch Interface lifts a corner of the veil and offers a new watch experience - Samsung Newsroom Belgium

Samsung One UI Watch Interface lifts a corner of the veil and offers a new watch experience – Samsung Newsroom Belgium

The new Galaxy Watch One will be the first watch with a UI watch user interface and the new platform born out of the Samsung-Google collaboration.

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona, ​​Samsung today unveiled the One UI Watch user interface. Thus, the Galaxy Watch and smartphone will be more actively integrated. As a result of the collaboration with Google, Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Watch will get the One UI Watch interface on the new platform. The result is better performance, a seamless collaboration experience between the Watch and Android smartphones and easy access to additional applications. The next Galaxy Watch, the first watch with the new operating system and One UI Watch user interface, will be presented at Samsung’s unopened event this summer.

“We are working with key players who have grown in our open ecosystem to harness the full potential of our new connected products.” Says Davy Moones, Samsung Belgium’s Mobile Marketing Manager. « Thus, we further enrich the smartwatch experience. Enjoy the user-friendly combination of our new connected devices and the Galaxy Ecosystem. “

The One UI Watch user interface, combined with the new platform, offers a completely new Galaxy Watch experience. Once you have the compatible apps installed on your smartphone, they will quickly and easily download to your smartwatch. For example, if you install a clock app with the time of different world cities on your smartphone, you can see these different time zones directly on your clock. If you block your calls and messages on your watch, they will also be blocked on your smartphone.

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The integrated operating system provides new features and integration with popular apps that you can download directly from Google Play to your Galaxy Watch. Sports and fitness enthusiasts, for example, can download Adidas Running, Colby Smart Gaddy, Strava and Individuals looking for better internal balance will enjoy apps like quiet or sleep cycle, and music enthusiasts will fully enjoy Spotify and YouTube music. Why not explore the world with Google Maps? Allows diverse partners to find what they are looking for on each platform.

“Samsung and Google have a long history of working together to make meaningful improvements for people who use our services.” Samir Samad, Vice President, Product Management, Android and Where’s Google. « This is definitely what this new platform is all about. It will be used for the first time on Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch. The result? Experience different and longer battery life, faster performance and a wider range of applications. “

In addition, Samsung also offers an advanced design tool that makes it easier than ever to create a new watch face. Android developers can unleash their creativity later this year and create new models to add to the ever-growing collection of watch faces. So, in the blink of an eye, you can customize yourself The smartwatch thus fits with your mood, function and personality.

The new Galaxy Watch One will be the first device with a UI watch user interface and the new integrated platform, which will be on display at Samsung’s unopened event this summer.

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