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Iliad, change of offer: Team on social networks already answers customer questions -

Iliad, change of offer: Team on social networks already answers customer questions –

More than three years after its inception, Iliad continues to propose his concessions, 5G including the most recent with 120 Giga per month of data traffic, For new customers only. On social media, questions from users continue about the potential for improvement, and customer service has responded back.

Had the ability to modify their mobile network offerings with one of the operator’s next business proposals It has already been announced in a press release dated 26 July 2018Iliad also announced the launch of the Giga 40.

To date, After about 3 years, existing customers will not be able to switch to the new offerings of the operator, But often on Iliad’s social channels users can read feedback from users asking to modify their initial offer (for example, with 30 or 40 gig per month of data traffic) The latest is 120 gig on 5G.

Customer service on Facebook has recently been responding by letting some customers know about it The function of the given transaction will be active.

In the last few days alone, in response to a number of comments, Customer Service has announced the following report: “Hi, the possibility of changing Iliad’s offer is a feature we are working on. Follow us. Thank you, Iliad team ”.

An example of the Elliott team’s response.

The operator will work exclusively for what is reported in the response messages Make sure you get new offers For existing customers through offer change.

However, it should be noted A similar response already came several months ago, In September 2020During the launch of the Iliad Flash 100, many users who asked to change their offer received the following response: “Switching from one offer to another is not yet possible, but we do.”

In short, in the absence of other Iliad official positions on the matter, the mere response of customer service on social channels does not seem to be sufficient. Feature Already long-awaited by customers. Also, in other cases customer service responds differently, notifying that the offer has not been upgraded and inviting new customers to activate the new SIM. Flash120.

Note that this is provided on Iliad Express and Iliad Point Sister Iliad presents Giga 120, There is currently no marketing deadline.

Below is an example of this The second answer The Iliad team (which manages the operator’s social pages) has provided some clients over the past few days. The two answers given as examples are available today, June 28, 2021.

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In this case, the Iliad panel simply states that the offer has not been upgraded.

Anyway, new offers are available on time with Iliad For new customers onlyLaunched on December 22, 2020, the operator’s 5G network can only be used with the latest payment options, including accessible ones.

In doing so, customers who have already activated in previous months will not be able to try Elliott’s fifth generation network, except for implementing a new SIM with compatible 5G offers, regardless of location. In this regard, please note Godacons warned Iliad this month Precisely because the offer cannot be changed.

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