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Demon Slayer: Kimtsu no Yaiba - Anime game now appearing in the West

Demon Slayer: Kimtsu no Yaiba – Anime game now appearing in the West

From manga to video game

Hinogamy Chronicle Developer CyberConnect 2’s a fantastic arena fighter that reminds players of unforgettable moments of “Tangiro Commodo, Unmovable Resolving Arc” and “Face Train Arc”.

The title “Demon Slayer: Kimtsu No Yaiba” comes with the story of Tangiro from the anime, in which he confronts the demons and turns them into a ghost, turning his sister Nesuko into a ghost.

Features of the game

  • Exciting arena battles – This game has fascinating skills and a wide variety of characters from animate including Tangiro and Nesuk. Defeat those who challenge you domestically and online from head to toe.
  • Travel play – Take the sword of Tangiro Kamoto in your hand and go on his journey in which he turns into a demon killer in order to turn his sister Nesuko back into a man.
  • Exciting boss fight – Action and drama ends in specially designed battles against powerful demons that test Tangiro’s skill.
  • Original anime voice actors – The return of the original English and Japanese actors to the animation ensures a real gaming experience.

Demon Slayer – Kimtsu no Yaiba – The Hinogamy Chronicle PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X on October 15, 2021 | The S and Xbox One will be released in stores and digitally on Steam. The retail version includes the Kimtsu Academy Character Key (Tanjiro Commodo) as an advance order bonus, and two incarnations on the PlayStation 4 & 5 (Tanjiro Commodo & Nesuko Commodo) versions.