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Samsung is releasing its Magic Eraser for more Galaxy smartphones

Samsung is releasing its Magic Eraser for more Galaxy smartphones

Until now, the device was only available on the Korean brand’s top smartphones, especially the relatively recent ones. Object destroyer The Samsung Gallery Photo Editor now comes in several models.

Have you ever taken the right photo, until you realize that a small detail destroys it? The car that showed the end of the hood in your project? A pigeon in bad shape is becoming a villain Photo grenade ? Is your fingertip, always the same, covering the corner of the image? Taking a flawless shot is not easy, especially in a city with a lot of traffic, and passers-by will never have the patience to show off your talents … Smartphone makers have come to understand this well and are beginning to deliver a truly magical photo. Editing tools.

Google, for example, caused a stir when it released its new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro last October.Magical destroyer“(Actually, a” magic eraser “) is capable of erasing any objects or persons from the snapshot in Google Photos. But the US company did not really offer such a feature in the first place.Object destroyer“Long ago, its Galaxy S21s was released in early 2021.

This Magic Eraser, like Google, allows you to remove any unwanted elements directly from a photo on the precious Chaebol smartphone. But nothing, because this tool is only available on high-end models until now, especially the relatively recent ones from the Korean brand. I.e. Galaxy S21, their predecessor The Galaxy S20 series, as well as the luxury foldable smartphones Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip and the popular Galaxy Note20 tablets. This is not bad already. Today, this is good news Object destroyer Not only on the brand new Galaxy S22, but also on more and more Samsung branded smartphones (they are very affordable)!

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Implementation feature in Samsung Gallery

According to several exclusive sites, the Korean company is in the process of ordering an update for its photo editing application. With Samsung Gallery version, it can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store,Object destroyer Available in many older models of the brand. The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10 flagship in particular were all released in 2019. Even more surprising is that the Korean manufacturer has decided to offer this shocking functionality to one of the most accessible smartphones because it works. Intermediate sector: Galaxy A52, which came to stores a year ago.

To magically remove unwanted elements from a snapshotObject destroyer On all these Samsung smartphones, it is necessary to first download the photo editor update mentioned above. Enable the feature in use, which is not provided by default. Here is the procedure to follow:

  1. In the Samsung Gallery, tap the Pencil Edit button.
  2. Open the “More Options” tab, marked by 3 vertical dots at the top right of the screen.
  3. Click “Labs”.
  4. Activate the “Item Eraser” box.

Now, Voila! Now you can see the eraser button in the toolbar that appears at the bottom of the screen in the Samsung Gallery. Flawless photos are yours!

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