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Samsung Cloud: Some functions will disappear - you need to do it now

Samsung Cloud: Some functions will disappear – you need to do it now

Some activities of Samsung Cloud will be discontinued soon. You need to act fast to avoid losing your data.

From June 30, 2021, some functions will be available Samsung Cloud Set. Images or files in online storage can no longer be synced with your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. Microsoft’s OnDrive will take over instead. If you have more files in the Samsung cloud, you need to act fast.

Switching to Samsung Cloud with One Drive

If you store pictures and documents from your Samsung Galaxy phone in the Samsung Cloud, you need to transfer them to One Drive. Otherwise they will be deleted. Migration is only possible until March 31, 2021. How to get started with service integration is explained in the Samsung Support Explained:

  • In the Samsung Cloud app, go to “More” and then “Settings”. Select “Connect to One Drive”.
  • Go to the gallery app, select “More” and “Settings” and finally press “Cloud Sync” or “Switch to One Drive”.
  • In the “My Documents” application you go to “More”, then “Settings” and finally “Switch to One Drive”.

To use OneDrive, you need a Microsoft account. Here’s how to create a Microsoft account.

Don’t want to use OneDrive?

If you do not want to use OneDrive, on the other hand, you can simply use the images and documents in the Samsung cloud Download Save elsewhere. Go to “Download My Data” in Samsung Cloud. You can start the download by finding “Download Content from Cloud” under Settings in the gallery.

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You can save your pictures and documents to an external data carrier or use the Google Drive and Google Photos Image app. You must have pre-installed apps on your Samsung Galaxy phone as well.

What happens to your Samsung Cloud Premium subscription?

If there is a premium subscription to Samsung Cloud for more storage, it will be canceled from April 1, 2021. Incidentally, contacts, calendars or notes can still be synced via Samsung Cloud. You can find better cloud storage besides OneDrive in our Dropbox alternatives.

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