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Samsung can turn off its TVs remotely

Samsung can turn off its TVs remotely

Thieves Warning: If you try to steal a Samsung TV from a store, you may get a bad surprise. In fact, the manufacturer may block the TV remotely and not use it very easily. Samsung was involved in the incident after the riots in South Africa in July, which resulted in numerous looting of stores.

The setup is simple: when the TV connects to the Internet, it communicates with Samsung’s servers and checks whether its serial number is part of the stolen TV. If this is the case, the blocking system will be triggered, disabling all functionality of the device and rendering it unusable.

If the TV is accidentally blocked, you will need to contact Samsung by sending proof that the device was legally purchased.

Samsung indicates that the blocking system is enabled on stolen devices in South Africa, but it has already been loaded on its TVs without specifying which models are affected.

Find out more in the video:

Note that Apple has similar technology in its stores. Displayed models have a modified version of the operating system, which prevents all operations once the device is no longer connected to the store’s WiFi network. For example, an iPhone stolen from a store can only do one thing: Find My iPhone!

Proof : Samsung

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