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Samantha Cristoboretti, New Record Among Stars -

Samantha Cristoboretti, New Record Among Stars –

Samantha Christoporetti Is preparing to capture another record because it will be the first ESA astronaut, in addition to the first Italian, Command the International Space Station. This appointment is a source of professional satisfaction, in addition to the honor of representing my country and Europe. I will humbly try to draw on the experience I have gained in space and on earth, the astronaut who guided my exceptional individuals commented after that job. The selection was made by representatives of five ownership partners, NASA and ESA agencies, Japan’s Jaxa, Russia’s Roscompos and Canadian CSA. Luca Permitano The man in front of her in the most subtle role immediately started him A tweet: Congratulations Astrosamanta. Worthy work! Good luck. Both pilots in the Air Force, they were elected ten years ago, and they enter the gold register of ISS commanders.


Samantha will take off next year (probably in the spring) on ​​her fourth commercial flight aboard Elon Musk’s private crew Dragon-4 spacecraft. Senior Gazelle Lindgreen and new Bob Hines will be appointed, and a traveling companion will be appointed. It will again be a long-term shelter in which she will have, above all, the role of a scientist involved in experiments on dozens of different national species, including those produced by the Italian ASI. In addition to the experience demonstrated on his first Futura voyage, which ended in 2015, the success of guiding the Nemo 23 mission, which took place in 2019 for ten days at the Aquarius underwater station, contributed to the new astronaut taking charge. The particular laboratory is often used to prepare astronauts to dive to a depth of twenty meters in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. But while waiting to return to orbit, Astrosamanta told him about his first flight with a book, an exercise in Beijing taikonauti Participated in the concept of a future joint voyage to the new Tianhe station, and the ESA study for future migration to the moon. Thus, the serious years, but finally the task of the long-awaited launch has arrived.

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Samantha Christoporetti: Who, Career and Interviews


The appointment is an acknowledgment of the excellence of Italian and European space, underlined by ASI Giorgio Socokia. Samantha provides an inspiration to generations of contestants entering the ESA astronauts – commented Space Agency Director General Joseph Ashbacher – I look forward to meeting the finalists and once again using this opportunity to encourage women to come forward again.

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