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Saints Row continues to play a game with 97% approval

Saints Row continues to play a game with 97% approval

From Thilo Bayer
Until today, Thursday, Epic Games gave the Saints an explosion with Row the Thermat Remastered – today’s prospects were not so exciting at first glance. Or is the intention wrong?

It’s Thursday and all bargain hunters know, Epic Games is reorganizing the free loot at 5pm. After two games last week (Saints Row The Term Remaster and Automachef) there is only one match again.

This Week: The Yogi Island Express

Honest question: Who knows Yoko’s Island Express? Well, we do not, but it does not mean anything. Title available now Presented in epic games, Always have the most fun and suggest that Steam user reviews. Launched on May 29, 2018 by developer Villa Gorilla and Publishers Group 17, the platform has prompted at least 1,718 people on Steam to reconsider. Approval is a whopping 97 percent – “very positive” according to steam logic. Didn’t that interest you enough? Let us quote the official game description:

“Meet Yogi, the little postman of the Yoko Island Express! Use the combination of pinball mechanics, platform and open world exploration to discover the secrets of Mogumana Island and help the Native people wake up on a tropical adventure!” Now, the latest, everything should be clear. Or not?

Next week: Shelter

In next week’s game, Survival Game ShelterThe door bell may ring for one or the other. However, it goes slightly higher than the Yogi Island Express. The title of Developer UniCube and Publisher Group 17 was released on March 15, 2016. But there is a significant amount of feedback with 4,488 user reviews, which is still “very positive” with an 81 percent long-term rating. Shelter is a “deep and emotional survival management game”. The soldier has the task of protecting four family members who have taken refuge in an abandoned shelter after a global disaster.

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And if not? Free Anno 1800 test week also runs on epic games Praised.

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