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RU Training and Meeting Calendar 1st Semester 2022

RU Training and Meeting Calendar 1st Semester 2022

Mandatory public training for new user representatives (UK) (July 8, 2021, according to new specifications) :

13h en présentiel et 5h à distance

RU forward!

Why go there: You are a new User Representative, appointed after July 1, 2016 and have not received any basic training, this tutorial will allow you to:

  • Understand the health system and its challenges to act in a user-friendly manner
  • Identify the key elements of the representation mandate in different organizations
  • Knowing how to create and maintain user positions in a cross-approach
  • Gather the tools and resources of the United Kingdom to work together


February 3 and 4 (Face to face) at Strasbourg And April 1 (remote): Download the registration form

February 21 and 22 (Face to face) at Trois And 11 April (Remote): Download the registration form

March 24 and 25 (Face to face) at Nancy And May 16 (Remote): Download the registration form

May 12 and 13 (Face to face) at Golmar And June 30 (Remote): Download the registration form

June 9 and 10 (Face to face) at Mets And 11 July (Remote): Download the registration form

July 4 and 5 (Face to face) at Rhymes And September 2 (Remote): Download the registration form

Attention, to check this exercise, it is mandatory to follow all the exercises face to face and remotely.

For representatives of supporting actors and users who want to intervene in the health system and get a training base :

RU in regions: User trips

Why go: For RUs named on CTS, GHT and CDU

  • Understand the different meanings of the word “journey” of the user of the health system
  • Identify points of awareness in the design, organization and implementation of “courses”.
  • The logic of the course is to better understand the integrated structure.
  • Understand the new regional structures of health democracy

Inscription : Download Registration Form

For UK people who want to train in their bodies and tasks:

RU at the Regional Conference on Health and Autonomy (CRSA)

Why go there:

  • Understand the structure and function of CRSA
  • Create a comprehensive list of the activity of the commissions
  • Identify what the UK is defending in the various commissions based on the issues facing the region
  • Learn how to make a better contribution to the development and evaluation of the Regional Health Plan (PRS) and read more

Inscription: Download the registration form

RU in the Users group

Why go there:

    • Understand the function of the user authority: its role, its function, the location of each of its members.
    • Identify legislative and regulatory developments.
    • Identify what the UK stands for.
    • Be systematic in the important things of the group.
    • Establish yourself as a player in improving the health system.

Inscription: Download the registration form

Analyze complaints and claims

In the Users group

Why go there:

  • Identify the trend of complaint or claim in a health care provider
  • Analyze the complaint from a UK perspective
  • Find out the different levels of answers to be given
  • Using complaint to improve quality

Inscription: Download the registration form

France issues all orders to representatives of Azos Sante Grand-Est users (UK) to come during the “UK Rendezvous” and discuss their practice.

These discussion times allow us to come to the UK and present their successes, but also to address their difficulties and specific themes: how to receive complaints and grievances from my company, and how to get to know me.
Let’s approach and reflect on all of these questions together.

So do not hesitate to register:

Finally UK Compromise and Compensation Commission (ICC), Video meeting scheduled:

Wednesday, January 26 from 2pm to 4:30 pm.

To register for this meeting, Click here

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