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RomUniverse must remove all pirated games -

RomUniverse must remove all pirated games –

Last June Nintendo Success The reason Against the so-called well-known Rome site RomUniverse, Illegally sharing games for Nintendo Switch and 3DS, was fined $ 2.1 million. Now U.S. court has ordered owner Matthew Storman to “permanently” remove all major N securities if he does not want to get into further legal trouble.

RomUniverse provided a rich list Rome To download with a specific formula: You can actually subscribe for $ 30 a year for access to ROMs and especially for quick downloads.

After winning the case, Nintendo had to ask its lawyers again The second step Against Stormman, after being suggested to open a new illegal ROM site.

The Super Mario Odyssey is one of Nintendo Switch’s flagship titles

The court ordered Storman accordingly. “Destroy permanently All unauthorized Nintendo games or other copies of Nintendo intellectual property including movies, books and music. “The move also bans the distribution, copying, selling and playing of illegal ROMs related to large N products in the future.

Judge Storman has set August 17 as the deadline for compliance with the request, while he must complete a notice by August 20 in which he takes note and follows the above instructions. Starman Rome goes on to say that he will be charged if he is re-convicted of Nintendo-related crimes in the future False testimony And may endanger imprisonment.

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