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Rockstar promised to improve the intelligence of non-player characters

Can GTA6 revolutionize the way it manages its non-player characters (NBC)? The recently filed patent by Rockstar goes in this direction. It describes a new way of dealing with a virtual city dweller in a game, for example making their movements more realistic.

NPCs in GTA5

It’s been eight years since GTA 5 came out and the world is still waiting for the sixth episode to come out. Rockstar Games is quiet about this, and we need to settle the rumors. Or less reliable. However, there is one thing that is clear: patent. Not long ago, the studio filed one with the USPDO, the U.S. Patent Office. It is definitely discovered and separated by fans. This is worrying Behavior of non-player characters (NPC), residents of the game’s virtual cities.

This patent, named “Virtual navigation method and method in gaming environment”, Does not directly quote GDA6. Nevertheless, he explains Development of AI related technology of NPCs For future sports, especially in driving vehicles.

Create a more vibrant world

The goal is to create the most realistic world possible by allowing virtual characters To perform more complex tasks, Which is not defined by the growth machine. For example, NPCs can be modified to suit traffic. They can appreciate distances, manage the way they brake, or speed up a motorway exit. GTA 5 is still very mechanized, but with this patent it will become more natural, thus making the universe more realistic. One expects NPCs with their own characteristics, thus a more populous world. We should also be able to follow a resident moving from one place to another on the map and observe his daily grind.

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The behavior of these characters is always important to make an open world more alive. For example, we remember that in 2006 The Elder Scrolls IV reached an important milestone through oblivion. At that time, the radioactive IA machine gave a target to every NPC in the universe. He gave them specific routines so you could watch them work at such times, stop eating and watch them go to bed at night. Talking about such a revolution in relation to the Rockstar patent is very soon, though, but purposeful. Without this AI feature, An open world immediately seems artificial, NPCs wander aimlessly on the map. This Case in Cyberpunk 2077.

Finally, the last point of the patent is that this AI system must be based on a dedicated server, which means The game uses the online feature, Even in solitude. It remains to be seen how this will be used in the middle of the game. We can imagine merging between single player and multiplayer. Logically, this feature is now very important to the studio, which still relies heavily on GTA Online and Red Dead Online.

GTA6, no rush to leave

GTA fans won’t have to wait that long between the two episodes. GTA5 was released eight years ago, But constantly makes the recipe. It has sold 135 million copies, making it the highest grossing game in history, and far from it.

In fact, the title attracts players through its online. Recently, A new island has been added For the first time since its release – Gayo Periko – it has renewed interest. The GTA V will also be released on the PS5 and Xbox Series X this year In a graphically modified version to use new technologies. So GTA6 can still wait, Rockstar is not close to killing the golden egg-laying duck. However, this patent shows that the studio is already thinking about the innovations that this future episode may bring, which has not been officially announced, we remind you.

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