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Rockstar Games presents a new music label, Sargolo Records - Nert 4. Life

Rockstar Games presents a new music label, Sargolo Records – Nert 4. Life

In the qualities of Rockstar Games Having a great musical taste, proven in dozens of different games, all come together with exceptional soundtrack. For this reason, Rockstar Games has decided to collaborate with SarcologoMusic label Sarcologo Records: First E.P. Coming up on June 4th.

“Music has always been an integral part of Rockstar games, from supporting the artists and underground scenes of our topics, to the Grand Theft Auto series radio stations. Says the post on Newswire.

“We have now further strengthened the bond between the partnership and physical and digital entertainment Circoloco, One of the most well-known brands in the world of modern dance music and party, has acquired a new music label, Sargolo Records. ”

Sarcologo Records debuted with a series of EPs featuring the songs from the label’s first album. Monday Dream ‘, And featuring the contributions of some iconic characters from all periods of Sarcoloko, including works by DJ Moodyman, The Music Locker, Dixon for Off Hours, Carl Craig, Luciano, Seth Draxler, Ramba and emerging artists. The future of dance music such as Sama ‘Abdulhadi, Lost Souls of Saturn & Dogemonsta, Red Axes and many more.

First EP, Monday Dream’s Blue EP, Launched on June 4th Unpublished tracks by Sama ‘Abdulhadi, Kerry Chandler, Ramba and Seth Troxler, with a new remix of Dixon’s “Autonomy” compiled by Dixon. Seth Troxler’s piece “Lomarts” is already available. Other EPs will be released weekly until the full package scheduled for July 9 is released.

Circoloco Records’ first EP

Tracks can be heard Spotify.

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Sarcoloko Records will break new ground in its mission to support and elevate culture Dance music One of the busiest times for clubs marks the opportunity to elevate this music scene through the strengths of these two entertainment brands.