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Rocket plants are always healthy and luxurious thanks to this powerful trick

Rocket plants are always healthy and luxurious thanks to this powerful trick

Rocket is a herbaceous plant that is widely grown in kitchens, gardens and balconies.
Admired for its spicy taste and freshness, it always manages to provide the perfect livelihood for any food.

In this article, we will look at how to keep rocket plants healthy and evergreen thanks to this powerful trick to use against certain pests.
But first let’s briefly look at why the rocket is ingested.

Health benefits

Arugula is a plant with numerous health benefits. It contains a lot of vitamin C, B9 and K, which have an effect Antioxidant And essential for bones and the circulatory system.
In addition, it is a plant that has the ability to stimulate appetite, promote digestion and prevent insomnia-related disorders.

It is also easy to grow

Rocket is a very simple plant to grow in open garden and pots.
It adapts well to any climate, but is afraid of prolonged drought and frost below 5 degrees.
It prefers drained soil, rich in organic matter and it always manages to maintain a certain moisture content.

It requires frequent watering, especially during the first period after sowing and until complete formation of the root system.
Then, even if the water is less greedy, it is always better to keep the soil moist. However, attention should be paid to water stagnation.

The same advice applies if you decide to grow the rocket in tanks. The important thing is not to sow the seedlings too close to each other, thus promoting good air circulation.

Rocket plants are always healthy and luxurious thanks to this powerful trick

The rocket’s number one enemy is also known as the Altica, or “Fly of the Gardens.”
It is an annoying parasite, not exceeding 3-4 millimeters, capable of causing a lot of damage to crops, especially rockets.

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With its powerful chewing gum, anchors make large, easily visible holes and feed on leaves.
It is necessary to know them at the right time, otherwise the quality and possibility of rocket intake will be compromised.

One of the most widely used biological remedies is nettle. Take 1 kg of fresh nettle and soak it in 10 liters of water for 24 hours.
This way it can be used even without diluting.


There are no aphid attacks on petunias and sorphins with this exceptional natural remedy

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