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Rocco downloads Casalino Conte: "I have nothing wrong with the conclusions about Roy"

Rocco downloads Casalino Conte: “I have nothing wrong with the conclusions about Roy”

Castellino’s explosion: “How muddy dude!”

Reformer, Page 5, Alto Torciaro.

“I don’t want to see much anymore, it always hurts me to be the center of attention,” he says Rocco Casalino On the phone. And he freed himself: “I want to disappear. At least for a while.” But he can not disappear, the movement needs him now more than ever. And indeed in his biography TwitterInstead of being a spokesman, journalist or spin doctor, he now writes: “Politics”. Because the role of the front runner may be tiring, but power is an exercise, he said Andreotti, Rubbing only those who do not. He points out, denying the rumors gathered yesterday, do not work Michael Kupitosa. Which is sub Conte At the new National Secretariat of Five Stars, yes, but he was “seen three times as yes and no” by Rocco. And if Conte’s shadow has only seen Conte’s mate three times, lately, there must be a problem.

Is the relationship with Conte worn out?
No, the relationship between us is the same. We were in Palazzo Chiki, which meant before that I was its spokesperson, not now, and now he has a different role as spokesperson (corrects himself) Ed) Or as the political leader of the movement. I have been contracted to be the Head of M5S Communications in the House and Senate, which is where I am daily.
What is your status as a formality?
I especially care about the M5S’s communication support for TV shows. Frankly, I follow President Giuseppe Conte as closely as ever with a direct and trusting relationship. Like the days of Palazzo Chiki, our conflict is constant and daily.
How was this voice born that sees you with Kupitosa?
I do not know, I refused. I never took a single euro from Kupitosa. I talked to him very little.
Okay, but they say you weren’t with Conte during the popular meeting that led to the talks about Roy last week. Maybe you would have suggested otherwise if you had been there.
Conte had political meetings these days, which I did not attend.
Come. You were Conde’s shadow in all the most reserved instances of government, and now you’re getting out of it?
But I was also in Siki when he held political meetings, I promise you.

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Did you or Conte make Roy’s decision? How was it born?
I have nothing to do with the idea of ​​staying away from Roy. He gave birth to it along with the committee chairs of the Roy Oversight Commissions and other commissions. We were in Palazzo Chiki, he called the Chair of the Chamber and the Senate, and he invited Sabrina Ricciardi (Committee Chair of the Roy Oversight Commission, Ed) And Vice President de Nicola. An idea they took together, collectively.
Maybe you told him it wasn’t a great idea.
I’m more interested in refusing to work at Kupitosa, and that’s what’s important.
Recently, newspapers and agencies have been getting a lot of references about Kupitosa. And spreads a holographic autobiography. Togliatti is a tissue that did not even exist in his time. And not your hand?
They didn’t get it from me. The only thing I did – because I was asked – was to give information about the five delegates, along with others who wrote a biography of Kupitosa. I had all the courses, I did my job, and that was enough.

Aventine Fontosiano in Roy is just that, really a twist. When Asolina, Spadaphora, and Di Mayo already had four confirmed TV invitations, did Conte block hosting Roy?
I’m not commenting on that. From now on I like to work away from attention and you can not work well if you are constantly thrown in the middle. If so, with lies like about Kupitosa …
Kupitosa is a rising star, an important personality. I am not ashamed to cooperate with him.
Of course not. But that is a lie. It would be like saying that you work for Berlusconi. Maybe but that is not true.
You want to be in the shadows, often to not be “caught in the middle”, but you have played a key role and provided a political biography almost everywhere. Twenty thousand copies, with more or less moderate results …
I have sold a lot more. And it was so much better than so many political books. But let’s talk about a book that came out eight months ago.
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(In the picture Rocco Casalino)