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The protagonist of NieR Gestalt may be included -

Gestalt and Content Cut – There will be something in the Near Replicant on the protagonist of Nerd 4. Life

NieR Replicant re-proposes content cut from the original, and about Jonah’s father

Near copy ver.1.22474487139 There will be many surprises and hints to resume the original, but it will go beyond such Reusing cut content In the edition published many years ago, some references to the protagonist of the Western edition, Neir Gestalt in the West or The Jonah’s father.

“There are some History sections We couldn’t match the original, ”producer Yosuk Saito told PC Games,“ The incredibly sad but powerful new boss is waiting for you somewhere, and we hope you enjoy it. “L In short, provide an overhaul of the original NieR from the point of view of idea contents and descriptions.

Not only that: “There is a new story, a Additional link for Automata There is something for Daddy Near fans too, so I think even those who read the original version ten years ago can be very happy with it. “Saito mentions something about the West Nair protagonist, Never design In Japan the title was published in two different editions.

Since the main protagonist chosen for this remake is Jonah’s young brother, it’s the other protagonist from the story, i.e. Jonah’s father, that many players still like. Well, he seems to be in some form too.

NierR: The development of Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 has also been affected by the work done specifically on Automata. War system It was created by Platinum Games, and what Takahisa Dura did in this aspect also had an impact on the new remake, apparently.

Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 Comes on PC, PS4 and Xbox One April 23, 2021 And has been in gold for some time. We saw the first votes yesterday from Famitsu for the new Square Enix game.

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