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Robber Lil Usi Wert wants to own a planet, the idea makes astronomers laugh

Robber Lil Usi Wert wants to own a planet, the idea makes astronomers laugh

Advertising stunt or galaxy investment plan? The Rapper U.S. Lil Usi Wert announced Thursday
I want to be the owner From
Planet WASP-127 b.

The ad had the hashtag “#Neuralink” Of a neuroscientific company Co-founded by Elon Musk. According to Grimes, he is the composer and companion of rapper Elon Musk
Almost done His file to get the planet.

However, this option of spatial ownership “has no legal meaning or legal character”, details 20 minutes Alain Legavelier, astronomer. Besides, “Probably the best answer is in the book Little Prince De Saint-Xpuri ”, he adds with humor.
In Chapter XIII, The hero meets a businessman, who is busy counting the stars he declares to be his property.

See Acquisition Certificates

Also points to Eric Lacade, president of the French Society of Astronomy and Astrophysics 20 minutes Inability to own a planet. The principle is to regard the objects of the universe as the “tradition of mankind.”

The scientist recalled that sometimes certificates of ownership of a star offered for sale have no legal value. International Astronomical Union (IAU) Warns, With a joke against “companies selling land on the moon and other planets.”

WASP 127-b is not really hospitable

Also, Lil Uji Wert, for now, is unlikely to set foot on WASP 127-b. “The star WASP 127 is about 500 light-years away, and the planet WASP 127-b is a gas giant that orbits its star in 4.2 days, larger than Jupiter and 50 times more terrestrial,” Eric Lagadek recalled. The planet is “gas, very close to its star, so it’s very hot,” he adds. “Personally, I didn’t go on vacation there! “

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If you want to leave your foot in the universe, you can take part in choosing the name of an asteroid. UAI, single system Authorized to verify Names sometimes organize contests to give “memorable” names rather than scientific names.

A person who discovers an astronomical object (star, asteroid…) has the right to propose a name for UAI. It is up to the international organization to verify it. Gustio, Roger Federer Or the Presence spins above our heads. In early July, 42-year-old Senegalese astronomer Maram Khair, who
It was an honor to see an asteroid named after him. So, scanning the sky is yours!