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Former Opera browser boss Vivaldi is attacking Microsoft practices through Edge

Former Opera browser boss Vivaldi is attacking Microsoft practices through Edge

John von Detsner is not happy, he wants to let it be known! The co-founder and CEO of Vivaldi Technologies, which publishes the named browser, does not appreciate Microsoft’s practice of trying in many ways to promote its Edge browser.

Thus he cites three examples where the user has absolutely no freedom to choose. First, he finds Vivaldi Edge searching on a new computer, along with Ping, and a message appears prompting the user not to download the new browser.

This message will also appear if you try to download the Chrome browser from Google.

Choosing Vivaldi as the default browser is complicated. Again, Microsoft puts a lot of pressure on Windows 10, and on Windows 11, the user continues to use the Edge (click zoom image).

If you change the default browser, Edge will try to change your mind.

Keep in mind that Microsoft Browser does not want to use Google as your default search engine than Bing.

Microsoft has every right to try to advertise its browser, but every time you start Edge the message comes back again and again and it becomes frantic for the users.
Also note that the publisher has implemented a new protocol microsoft-edge: //, Even if another browser is set up by default, Edge calls directly.

Find out more in the video:

So Microsoft is playing a dangerous game, which will lead to more user dissatisfaction. Vivaldi’s CEO calls on the publisher to report their dissatisfaction or to the competent authorities to condemn the anti-competitive practices. Until the beginning of the next decade, when Microsoft was accused of dominating Internet Explorer in the early 2000s, this kind of situation may have worsened and be a reminder of what happened.

Proof : Vivaldi Blog

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