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Riding a motorcycle can damage the iPhone's camera

Riding a motorcycle can damage the iPhone’s camera

Cupertino / DUR – Riding a motorcycle can damage the iPhone’s camera. Some vibrations emitted by more powerful motorcycles affect certain technologies such as image stabilization and closed loop autofocus. The recently released Apple warns about this Support-Documentation.

Accordingly, you should avoid attaching the iPhone directly to a motorcycle with a powerful engine. For example, the phone can transmit high frequency vibrations when the device is attached to the handlebars or chassis of a motorcycle.

If the vibrations of the motorcycle are sent to image stabilization and closed autofocus, these may be mechanically damaged after a certain time. In addition to high-powered motorcycles, electric motorcycles and e-scooters can also be affected by these vehicles with low range vibrations.

Basically, according to Apple, it makes sense to use a vibration-mitigation link for the iPhone to reduce the risk of image stabilization and closed-loop autofocus. Prolonged use of the iPhone at high bandwidth frequencies can be particularly harmful.

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