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Revolution for all users

Revolution for all users

New goodbye to WhatsApp, ready to revolutionize usage again. Let’s see what happens and what will change soon.

Another innovation for the messaging app (via screenshot)

There is never a shortage of news Share, The application is ready for a farewell. In fact, the application is ready to revolutionize the one-to-one sign-in verification mechanism The new smartphone. To date, the application verifies the user by sending a message with a six-digit code. According to the latest blindness that started WABetaInfo, Coming soon Flash calls.

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This method is nothing but a new way of verifying the user. However, only the new version is available Android. The user will have a free choice between receiving an SMS and receiving a flash call to verify the first account. In the case of a flash call, WhatsApp will contact you briefly By phone, the user stops calling without answering immediately. This function will only exist Android, Considering it iOS The app does not allow you to read call history.

WhatsApp is not only saying goodbye to user verification: a new update is coming

WhatsApp Cheat Call
New update for messaging app (via screenshot)

Share Constantly updated, a new beta has landed in the last few hours Digital Stores. In fact, you can get a tool to ‘read’ new stickers quickly within the application. You need to download the version to get it and try Of the application beta. Actually type something in the message bar, The emoji icon on the left will change color If the text matches one Sticker saved.

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It is possible after clicking on this icon See all tips. Also, for the new feature ‘Official stickers‘, Which will reduce the number of stickers downloaded by third parties. If the beta update convinces users, soon New sticker recommendation method Landing on official application as well.

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