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Jeu Speed Limit sur Nintendo Switch : artwork du jeu

[Review] Speed ​​Limit – Become the Hero of an Action Movie

Action movies often start with the average character getting caught up in some bizarre act. This is what happens to your character Speed ​​limit Surely Nintendo Click. If you’ve always dreamed of saving your life from law enforcement fires, you’ve come to the right place.

An ordinary hero

The speed limit starts on the train car. An armed man in a bad position would come in front of you and collapse, placing his revolver in your hands. Then your mission begins: Survive! In fact, all the agents on the ship think you are the person who was shot. You have to run to the right and jump over obstacles through these first level wagons. The action is from the first seconds and from your first death.

The game is easy to learn, the stick controls the movements of the hero, a button allows you to jump and the R2 trigger triggers grenades. There is difficulty in preventing the fire of enemies coming from all sides. We will move forward without looking back as the villains who love our skin will also appear from the left. The pace of the game lasted and one ball was enough to restart us level, but we sank back into it unheard of. We progress gradually, we learn where the enemies are, and we always feel the satisfaction of going a little further. The speed limit has two difficulty levels and if the normal mode sends us to the mat frequently we will switch to Easy mode.

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A welcome type

As the game begins as a 2D action platform, it sends us to the less anticipated lands of top-down car racing and to the 3D aerial shooter. Despite the setbacks, the surprises make the experience more and more appreciated. The speed limit is packed with great ideas that keep the game simple and always motivate us to restart a game.

While the graphics pixel art is beautiful, the animations are fluid and contribute to the overall rhythm of the game. We take advantage of the colorful environments of the stages that follow each other, and we are pleasantly surprised by the shadow effects that the developers have. Integrated for columns in tunnels. The soundtrack to the theme of the action film has a catchy chipmunk rhythm that always motivates us to go fast. Each difficulty offers a challenging game that lasts a few hours.







Speed ​​Limit is a game that engages you in the role of a normal hero that everyone wants to take completely by accident. Your only solution is to run and get rid of them before they chase you. The speed of the game lasted, we take it in hand quickly, and we die a lot too. The checkpoints are so awesome and while the game is addictive we always get back into it to make a little more progress. Chorus Global Game presents a frantic challenge, while the pixel art sticks with our control for a few hours with a different challenge.

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Review Chorus in version 1.1.0 courtesy of Global Games.

Speed ​​limit available Nintendo Switch EShop 02/18/2021 to € 9.99.