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Mysterious Blue Box application postponed, new activation date -

Reveal the game with The Hunting –, a free game in a few months

Expression Sports From Abandoned It will not be for a few months, but as announced by Hassan Kahraman, the development team will apologize for the delay by providing it to users. Free games, It Hunting.

It’s a game that was recently brought to the PS Store by Blue Box, actually a project started by Kahraman’s team and then handed over to another studio to finish.

In short, the situation is even worse, so absurd even desirable, we are waiting for the introduction of the application PS5 The teaser is only shown for a few seconds which has already been posted on social websites.

“We are working on the expression of the game, but at the moment it is not ready to show it to the public,” Hassan Kahraman explained. “These are the scenes that determine the first records of the game, so we want to make sure that this is the most important thing, that it is polished and adequate for release.”

So when can we see it? “I will not give an exact date because this is the first mistake we have made, i.e. to impose a very tight deadline. We hope it will come in a few months, but I think it will not take long: of course we’re not talking about a foot or anything like that.”

So the founder of Blue Box Game Studio has revealed that with this game, he will start a free and completely separate game from the abandoned, The Hunting. As mentioned, this is the band’s previous project, which was completed for the second studio and comes on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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Abandoned, one of the few pictures of the game ever released

IGN asked Kahraman why he did not decide to postpone the release of the application, instead of getting a disastrous result, as he himself admits.

“We couldn’t do it,” he replied. “Users are starting to get really frustrated. I know adding short things will frustrate them, but we’re working to add new content.”