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Retrieved images show Nintendo headquartered at Pokemon Millennium in the 70s

Retrieved images show Nintendo headquartered at Pokemon Millennium in the 70s

Inside Blog Munmario Some Images from the 1970s Shows offices and businesses Nintendo In Higashiyama District a Kyoto, Will then be reset by the Twitter user Kaihatsuit. The Japanese giant was Founded in 1889, So speaks of pride 131 years of operation. Since then it has undergone many changes: thanks to these photos we can better see the beating heart of the Big N before world events like Super Mario or Pokemon are born.

At the time, only Nintendo was known Card player, Although he had already begun to try his hand In electronic entertainment. The previous period was not the best with the president Hiroshi Yamachi The person who tried some of the investments later proved to be bankrupt. However, in the late 1970s, the company began to expand to North America and was ready to launch the first video game of the series. Sports & Tracking. From the following pictures, first one Old brochure Dedicated to customers and investors, you can get an idea of ​​what it is Works at Nintendo In 1970.

The Japanese company invested heavily in the development of these structures, which at the time were very modern. Unfortunately most of them It does not exist today The headquarters are now partly in Minami County and partly in Tokyo, but the area is still owned by Nintendo. Was the exterior of the buildings Is very interesting It shows how much the company already has One of the biggest In Japan. Within the offices we see Great places Employees can work on making cards or hold conferences and meetings.

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His This article You can find many photos belonging to the original brochure of the ForforMario blog, which show employees better at work, with extra room inside various machines and offices.