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Savings of original game jobs in Remaster -

Resurrected, single player alpha technique has a date and is very close –

Diablo 2: Resurrected Will be demonstrated soon The first technical alpha, Is dedicated exclusively Single player, A release date is scheduled for this weekend, 2021 April 9 to 12.

Blisscon 2020, officially announced at Diablo 2: Resurrected a Remaster It is actually a practical remake of the original Diablo 2 with 4K resolution graphics, 3D rendering application physics and many other improvements, although Blizzard sees this as an advanced restoration measure.

This weekend’s alpha test is single player centered and allows you to try out the game using the three classes provided, i.e. Barbarian, Amazon O Witch, Within it The first two actions In terms of extension, the game has to be practically complete.

The problem is, the alpha test is only one Low number of usersSo, participating from this is not easy Invitations They are sent by drawing a lot. In any case, if you want to apply, you can go to the official Blizzard website dedicated to Diablo 2 This address, Log in to your account and click the “Register for Technical Alpha” button.

In practice, the test should allow you to fight against anthurium and thrips, which is a good amount of content to try in the four days available from the blizzard. The hat was not provided So it is possible to play both actions continuously to increase the level dramatically.

Then, another test, as announced last month, about two test phases for the campaign and multiplayer. Multiplayer, Which will allow you to experience the resurrected Diablo 2 online and multiplayer components. For now, these alphabets are only expected on PC, although the game has been announced on consoles anyway. We also recently learned that the original game saves work on the remaster.

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Diablo 2: Resurrection is especially expected by many fans of the series