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Results of the first phase of the legislative elections

Results of the first phase of the legislative elections

Tonight, Sunday, June 12, find out the partial results of the first phase of the Assembly elections for the 2 constituencies of Annecy.

The results will come in the evening.

Note that these results are partial! They only care about the city of Annecy.

  • 1Time Circumscription – ANNECY-1

BATA Anne-Sophie / BATA Camille:%
BUHLER Franck / Demoulins Paul-Romain:%
CHIAD Daniel Salem / CHIAD Souad:%
Granny Gomez Aurelia / Grange Anthony:%
DUVAL Anne-Valerie / Giona Demistocill:%
MATTEI Jacques / CARDOT Isabelle:%
GIRARD-DESPROLET William / Bernard Denise:%
Jumbart Guilmom / Killermine Sicily:%
Geoffrey Didier / FOL Jean-Luc:%
Rioton Veronica / Lombard Roland:%

Download partial and provisional results

  • 2e Circumscription – ANNECY-2

Columbus-Pattonville / Guate Cecil:%
Corn Damien / Duckroot Ball:%
Nanse Anis / Horaw Elsa:%
Bagoret Catherine / Weirod-Turepex Nelly:%
Franklion Sylvie / Vivinus Jean Camille:%
BOUSSA Oujdi / BOUSSA Ahbas:%
Dorty Lionel / Andre Annabelle:%
Hippocampus Chan / Bernard Jade:%
Peraldi Timothy / Persson Elody:%
Armand Antoine / Cartron Daniel:%
FONTANA Loris / BARO Corinne:%
Skyparasi Pascal / Mote Caroline:%
Kirti Christian / Ford Carla:%

Download partial and provisional results

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