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Bethesda released a 15-minute game presentation for Starfield - News

Bethesda released a 15-minute game presentation for Starfield – News

The heartfelt presentation, which begins with the invention of the Moon Crete, begins with our incarnation exploring a third-person view with its robot companion. Native animals do not seem hostile to him, so he can start mining for minerals in a cave a few steps from the landing site. But he soon found a factory in which he would have to face a little more resistance. There, the action shifts to the first person and the game gets the air of future FPS in real time. See if it can still be interrupted by an active break.

Following these first collisions, our hero will join the galaxy, the last group of explorers still in operation. Discover the vast urban setting for the opportunity to set foot in the capital, New Atlantis, and explore the first friendly interactions with other protagonists. Without change, Todd Howard later split from the character-making tool: from the look Background From the role of determining our three starting capabilities, Bethesda guarantees that the optional attributes or skill tree, which equals bonuses and specific penalties, will be based on what the publisher has done well in the past. This is enough for you to want to find out more.

We will also facilitate the continuation of exploration by creating outposts on the studied planets and adding new modules in the course of their development. But the most fascinating moment of this presentation may be the tool to create and customize your own ship, which you can pilot in space battle. Something to raise a few hairs among science fiction enthusiasts. But we will not say more, we will leave it to you to find out for yourself in the video below. Starfield The PC and Xbox series are still expected next year.

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