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Restricts money to be given to charities to provide humble bundle publishers -

Restricts money to be given to charities to provide humble bundle publishers –

Humble bundle It can always stand apart from others for its beneficial reasons from being a digital store. In fact, buyers can freely decide how much to distribute their fees between publishers, voluntary associations and humble bundles. An element that has always helped in favor of all his efforts. However, with a surprising move, the management of the Humble bundle decided from May that it could not freely choose the distribution of its offer. Limit of money Who can go to charities. All for the good Publisher, Cannot receive less than 80% of the money paid from that moment on.

There is one Mail The humble bundle, released in recent days, said the decision was made to standardize this part of the site to others who do not have sliders. It also seems to have been a change in processing and testing for some time.

To date, the store offers this amount of compensation by purchasing from the Humble bundle: 65% goes to publishers, 30% to simple bundles, and 5% to charities. After that, through some Commod slider, You can freely change this ratio and give everything to charity, for example.

However, from next May, there will be only two options: the first85% ai Publisher, Raises 10% to 5% for simple bundles and 5% for charities, while raising the fee for charities to 15% per second and takes 5% from simple bundles and publishers, respectively.