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Restoring ancient hardware and data |  Not Connecting 40.3

Restoring ancient hardware and data | Not Connecting 40.3

When rummaging through the basement or floor, you may find a box with old floppy disks or data. But how to get old data? Or you may have found your beloved first computer, but because it is so yellow, it rarely displays.

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This year’s retro version of c’t shows rotating current c’t uplink, how to store old data in unnamed territory and recover old hardware. Lutz Labs has asked professional data savers, but also has tips for home use. John Mahan knows why houses turn yellow and how to point them back to gray. Also Peter Searing reports on counterfeit chips, which make the life of the electrical restorer difficult.

In c’t uplink, c’t editors talk to reviewer Keywan Tonekaboni about their experiences and how to dare to explore old treasures.

Also in: Loods Labs, John Mahn, Peter Searing and Keyvan Tonekaponi

Retro version available at c’t 27/2021 kiosks Browser And in the c’t app for iOS and Android.

Don’t forget our new one YouTube-Channel c’t 3003! Jan-Keno Janssen shows how to launch Android applications and Linux programs under Windows 11.

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