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Resolution, Performance and Ray Tracing -

Resolution, Performance and Ray Tracing –

Ignored He returned to show himself yesterday, leading the way to get to know himself better between the videos and the details. Three graphics modes on the PS5 Choose between Resolution, performance and radiation tracking.

After four minutes of gameplay and a new preview video, ForcePoken has once again provided evidence of what kind of game it is, and further clarifies its specificity. Third Party Activity Icon In a wonderful setting.

Forcebogan, the protagonist in action in the game world

Although technically it shows many uncertainties, when the game presents three possible options for graphics, these are often resolved as soon as they are released: the graphics quality system is aimed at resolution. 4K and 30 fps As a frame-rate, the performance mode reduces the resolution from 1440 to 60 fps, and then there will be a third option for ray tracing, the details of which are not yet known, beyond the obvious questionable graphics technology.

Director Takeshi Aramaki said that for the PS5, ForceBook will be used. DualSense In addition to the enhanced vibration provided by the haptic feedback, different senses are used for adaptive stimuli, such as different senses, in order to retrieve different emotions based on the initiated stimuli.

Forspoken comes on PS5 and PC May 24, 2022 And it’s been exclusively on the Sony console for a long time, we’re only talking about two years on the PS5 and PC.

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