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Researchers have so far developed white

Researchers have so far developed white

Researchers have developed a white color in history – Kigo

Burdo University researchers, Indiana, claim to have created white paint in history. This paint, which is capable of reflecting up to 98.1% of sunlight, gets the title of the most intense white paint, conducted by another formula that reflects only 95.5% of sunlight from the previous formula.
Sun light. The latter was published by the same researchers last October.

Researchers have developed this new formula with the aim of improving the insulation of buildings, beyond the ravages of white paint in history. Not only does it reflect sunlight, it also rejects white heat Black absorbs light and heat. Painting buildings with white paint throughout history can keep them refreshed for a long time without looking
Air conditioner.

A secret ingredient

To create this new paint, researchers at the University of Purdue concentrated its barium sulfate content in large quantities. “By using barium sulphate we found that you could theoretically create things that really, really reflect, that is, they are really very white,” said Chiangyu Li, one of the project’s researchers. In addition, because barium sulfate particles are of different sizes, paint with a high concentration of these components may diffuse a wide range of light and therefore reflect sunlight more widely.

Researchers have created the whitest white color in history – Kiko
With infrared we can see that the white paint square is at a lower temperature than the other plates. Credit: University of Purdue

So this may be a solution in the fight against color Global warming. The use of fans and other air conditioners indicates an important source of pollution and we know that their use should increase as the temperature rises. This is why it is necessary to find less polluting solutions such as paint that reject 98.1% of light and heat of the sun. This ultra-white paint needs to be marketed and used to repaint buildings and homes.

A few years ago, researchers were already successful in cultivating the darkest color in history: Vandablock. The latter absorbs 99.99% of the light.

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