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Rescuers at sea: Unprecedented game and unity challenge thanks to GPS map

Rescuers at sea: Unprecedented game and unity challenge thanks to GPS map

SNSM (National Association for Redemption at Sea) is a non-profit organization funded by almost 80% of private resources, mainly as a result of the generosity of private donors and sponsors. Its main functions are to prevent sea level rise, coastal surveillance and public awareness of the dangers associated with the sea.

In total, more than 9,000 volunteers are mobilized 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from 214 rescue centers, 32 training and intervention centers and 256 first aid stations along the coast. In summer, spreads throughout France and abroad.

By 2020, nearly 30,000 people had been treated and rescued by those rescued at sea, of which 1,200 children were lost and found near the shores.

In recognition of the general interest in SNSM activities, in 2017, the Prime Minister presented the Best National Reason Stamp for Rescue at Sea. Known as “M”.

This year, Mille SNSM is celebrating its fifth edition and innovating with an unprecedented game challenge. This challenge is accessible to all: young and old, established athletes and amateurs, ocean world speakers and neophytes. Ambition? Travel 30 kilometers in your favorite field: cycling, scooting, skateboarding, running, walking and of course, swimming. You are spoiled for choice! The only condition is to give his person to those who give everything for our protection throughout the year.

This route may be free or follow one of the exclusive routes created by SNSM using GPS drawing technology. All you have to do is download the Strava mobile app and join the “Mille SNSM 2021” challenge. You can learn a form or word by doing the physical activities you want. Not only is it fun, this approach is symbolic because it is inspired by the search and rescue technique of rescuers at sea, who are especially used to find the GPS route when searching for men on board.

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Rescuers at sea hope to charge a euro for every kilometer they travel through the online gift pool. A great way to support the association and its volunteers who care about your summer from beach to sea!

The Mille SNSM challenge will begin on June 26 and 27 with National Lifetime Days weekend in Strava application.

To participate, it is very easy. All you have to do is download the Strava game app, join the “Mille SNSM 2021” challenge in the “Groups” section or by clicking the link: choosing your physical activity, activating it, and finally converting your kilometers into euros for SNSM by donating to an online pot: The challenge will be open from June 26 to July 25. Join the movement!

This weekend, some training and intervention centers and rescue centers will open their doors to the public. The commitment of SNSM volunteers and the opportunity to diagnose multiple practices in accordance with health protocol.