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"Rescue Italian radical Sikh people fly the German flag but unload illegal immigrants from us".  Admiral de Felice speaks

“Rescue Italian radical Sikh people fly the German flag but unload illegal immigrants from us”. Admiral de Felice speaks

Roma, 19 ago – “The German flag was flown and funded by the Italian Buddhist Union, The Rescue people open Sicily’s doors to 166 illegal immigrantsAdmiral (Reese) goes on an attack on an Italian NGO Nicola de Felice. “However, the secrets, off the Libyan coast, were recovered in the waters off the Maldives and landed in Augusta,” says the expert in maritime law and has always been against NGO ships and against illegal immigrants in our seas. When Landings are raging, We took the NGO ship aboard the Cecilia Strada.

Admiral de Felice, let’s talk about the strange case of rescue people

Black brain

“The boat of left-handed Milanese intellectuals has already played the role of a ‘grass-factor’ for human traffickers in the Mediterranean under the name of Sea-Eye and Alan Kurti. Economic immigrants are willing to fill up and pay thousands of euros.I hope to land in Italy.

Who is behind the NGO ship?

The ship is managed by the Italian NGO Rescue People Saving People, with President Luciano Scolateri as co-editor. Christian family And former Magistrate Gerardo Colombo is its Co-Chairman. Along with the large Norwegian NGO ship Geo Parents with 214 illegal immigrants aboard the ship, Resc People asked Italy to unload its human cargo into Italy in defiance of the international standard set for the flag position.

What do the rules in question offer?

“They plan to land in Germany and Norway. The company also includes the daughter of the founder, Cecilia Strada Hurry, Has repeatedly been asked to set aside a safe port. Private flight to Colibrì Volunteer pilots, Other friends of the fleet of ‘Bull Factor’ ships, took action and the small boats left the Libyan coast. It is not true that human traffickers have such events, and ships from northern Europe present themselves before Juarez after several days of waiting to receive a well-deserved reward.

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Italy always loses …

“Exactly. As our foreign minister continues his holiday under the umbrella, Sicily is once again experiencing an emergency summer in both social security and health. We are waiting. But do we really deserve all this? “

Adolfo Spesfero