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Replacing Decoders After Shutting Down: Should We Continue Purchasing?

Change the decoder, when is it necessary to continue watching your favorite shows after switching off on October 20th?


The October 20 Expected date for digital transition. Some Roy and Mediaset channels are no longer available If you do not have HD capable TVs. To overcome this problem you should proceed by scraping the used device and purchasing a new TV. Specific bonuses were created to cover the cost. Keep in mind that most TVs that can no longer be used are previously purchased 2017. That means you’ll be forced to pay for a relatively new device you bought four years ago. If you want to use the TV, you can only proceed Changing the decoder In this case, take advantage of the corresponding bonus. But how do you know if you should face this procedure?

Do you need to change the decoder to watch your TV regularly?

Does my TV need a new decoder to continue watching after October 20th? This question has caught the attention of many Italians who are still skeptical about the next change. If you bought the TV after 2017 we would insist on it again They should not be a problem After the above year resellers should only sell devices that are compatible with the new standards. For all other televisions, the two categories must be distinguished.

HD channels do not tune

Watch your own TV Cannot tune in HD programs. To check this, access the Roy 1 HD or Canale 5 HD channels. If you can see it, you do not need to change the decoders, at the same time you should buy one if they are not visible Decoder DVB-T2 Capable of supporting MPEG 4 encryption.

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DVB-T2 is not supported

You can tune channels in HD on your TV but no DVB-T2 support. To check compatibility, it is necessary to perform a test by connecting to Channel 100 or Channel 200. If you see the sign 720p HEVC Main10 You can safely continue to use the device in use. If you see a black screen, you need to change the decoder. However, the deadline to watch all channels is not October 20 but The January 2023 When the new digital is implemented nationally.