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When will there be new pairs and grenades?  IN

When will there be new pairs and grenades? IN

“Love Island” fans were especially happy in 2021 and were surprised by the two seasons of the year. When will Season 7 be released?

By now you can be ready for the fact that “Love Island” is always coming in the fall. However, in 2021, there were two seasons in the first season, which enthusiasts may ask if the seventh season will come next spring. It will be interesting to know if you plan to apply to “Love Island” in 2022. If you want to be informed soon about this, you need to download the Love Island Processor. Fans of the series will have to do this anyway to vote or finally find out the exact spelling of “Cable” in the viewer chat.

You can find out what ex-romantic island couples do after the show Video, Past episodes can be found on TVNOW: News – Great cinema at the Netflix fan event

Is the seventh season of “Love Island” coming on RTLZWEI?

As DWDL reports, The sixth season was able to attract only moderate public interest, however it must be said that the film may also change due to the time-varying use of the stream. Nevertheless, interest was low during this season and with 340,000 spectators for the final, the show reached its lowest value. The post-broadcast “After” talk show also attracted only 200,000 people in front of the screen. That certainly should not be the only reason for RTLZWEI to cancel the show running on the evening show. But despite these sober estimates for the sixth season, it may be questionable whether they will shut down two seasons in a year in 2022, although it is not officially known anyway.

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However, we will be hoping for new guests to come to the villa with Sylvie Mees in the fall of 2022, and create new pairs of islanders and grenades. A couple from the previous “Love Island” season also had a baby, which can be found on RTL’s “Somerhaus” this October:

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