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Enrico De Girolamo

Reopening schools, Spiral unloads grain of “half and a half” teaching on principals

The new regional order only reveals a recommendation for school administrators to organize themselves. But there are many technical hurdles

Nino Spurley

Don’t worry too much about anything. Or almost nothing. The order to reopen high schools was announced by Calabria executive chairman Nino Spirley directly on the road on regular Facebook, 24 hours expected, translates Simple “recommendation” for schools to do as he says. What does it say? Invite principals to allow families seeking to keep their children at home. A firecracker was hurled at high school bureaus. Why Now all of the Grains school leaders will have to face the yes and no divisions Without the shield of a clear rule, perhaps critical, but certain and unavoidable.

Spirley has his own beliefs and has never kept it a secret: Schools in this epidemic phase should not be closed. Reasonableness is something to consider and respect, because it is with thousands of parents and students. My he Thar and the State Council have already rejected this orientation, Limited to elementary and middle schools, defining it (for now) in defiance of national rules, the act of playing in the league is dictated by the government of the President’s opposite political matrix. But in Italy you can never resign yourself to the law, let alone if it is done by enemies.

One should always elevate oneself above all else. When you really can’t, be always tricky because you are the leader of a region. In this case Unload the barrel. As the saying goes, assassinate yourself because I do not approve of you going back to class. An ideology. Especially the first This is called integrated teaching, I.e., for those who wish to stay at home both at school and at a distance, This is not new. It already was Accepted in Puglia, With the considerable difference that the region has imposed on its adoption in those areas, won the war that ensued before it was questioned by the inevitable appeal of the executive judges.

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In Calabria, on the other hand, after confirming directly on Facebook that his hands were tied, Spirley signed into law a decree that “recommends a system for schools in question that provides integrated digital teaching for all students. .

Recommend, nothing more than that. Since integrated teaching is not found from Sunday to Monday, however You need equipment and technical skills that some schools can guarantee. Therefore, a “recommendation” is a word that is always full of suggestions in a country like this, where the situation is serious, but not serious, as Flyano said.

“A command to seek peace,” he said Unelected governor On the fourteenth live face, this time the signature was from the dining room of his house, “the right of parents to decide whether or not to send their children to school,” but Take note that his command is ultimately only a call To principals.

They will now have to experience the impact of an action that will inevitably create tension Between educational institutions (not technically ready for this leap) and parents. Think of a family where many children who go to different schools have to adapt to different decisions. Or, for example, what happens if only one or two students in a class decide to attend in person and want to stay home with others? How will the profit of those who go to class and choose Dad be estimated? But most of all, What good is a “risk” epidemic if the added value of socialization fails?

Still Spurley Refers to its command as the “victory of democracy.”, When in fact This is a clear example of a power that decides not to Showing their inadequacy and placing the burden of their responsibilities on others.

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If the Acting Governor really fears that the reopening of the high school may push the contagion curve upwards, He must have had the courage and perseverance to issue a final order imposing on Dad, A new rejection of tar risks but saves face.

It doesn’t make sense to go live on Facebook, they often greet each other, how good, good and beautiful this regional administration is: “We have just started, we are already connected in the 200, hard center … Well, we are 600… we are 800… we are 1,000. Calabria is not a thousand people locked in their social bubble Because Zuckerberg’s method shows it on their news boards. Calabria is a different matter, But frankly, for now, it’s mostly.

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