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Removing an audio or video stream is legal ... unless you break the DRM, according to the Ministry of Culture

Removing an audio or video stream is legal … unless you break the DRM, according to the Ministry of Culture

Is Stream tearing, Is the practice of extracting content from an audio or video stream legal? This is a question asked by Deputy Philip Ladombe to the Ministry of Culture within the framework of a series of questions dedicated to royalty in private copying. In Roslin’s absence, Emmanuel Vergan, the minister in charge of housing, replied: Yes … under the conditions.

“This procedure is legal, and as a result the copy is subject to an exception for private copying, which is provided by law if many conditions are met: it must be made from a legitimate source at the request of the user.”

So, you can legally use sites that easily extract audio or video content from the YouTube service Google. This is contradictory because the license to use YouTube clearly indicates that downloading the content of the site is prohibited.

What is clear is that breaking digital locks, such as security measures or DRM (digital rights management), is illegal.
For example, the M6 ​​band’s channels are available for streaming, but include DRM, which is not available on Arte, French television and DF1. According to the Ministry of Culture, recording the flow of Arte or French television is legal, but not M6. Not to mention the movies and series aired by Netflix, Disney and Amazon, which are apparently DRM.

Also found in the video:

Finally, as a result of the extraction the copy cannot be stored on the remote server. It must be downloaded directly to the user’s device.

The Ministerial Representative concluded by stating that the Commission for Private Copy Paying as a result took part of the copies into account Stream tearing To create its scales. This selection was verified by the State Council on 27 November 2019.

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Source : National Assembly