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Why do you need to download the app?

Why do you need to download the app?

La Redoute Application: Online shopping rediscovered

No need to get acquainted with the French long-distance sales brand: from the logo list to the website that thousands of users visit every day, many people shop here. La Redoute. If this is your thing too, we strongly recommend that you download the app. Aside from the fact that you can shop everywhere (from your sofa, on the metro or on the beach), we love this for its various benefits. Among them, there is a simple and 100% secure charge, for example, the opportunity to use Apple Bay For iOS users. If you know that you do not have to search for your card and enter every order, we have to admit that this is very practical. As always in practice, La Redoute Ease of income if an item does not fit us occasionally: no need to print, all you have to do QR code From his phone. Another advantage, and not the least, is the possibility of easy access to your personal account. While waiting patiently for the delivery to ring at our doorstep, it’s worth seeing your order follow …

La Redoute: Unique benefits of the app

More than just that Fashion application Or house, utility La Redoute Designed to appeal to its users. As you use it, it will become your personal digital shopper by offering customized offers and choices directly inspired by your tastes, wishlist or your previous purchase. Very useful when you do not know where to turn. If you are looking for tips, inspiration, tutorials or suggestions from influencers, you can find them directly from your smartphone. Finally, lovers Notes Do not be disappointed: with exclusive offers Hour use In various competitions, do not miss the opportunity to save money again. Unless you forget to run notifications, of course. Therefore, Download the app Enjoy quickly!

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