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Forza Horizon 5: The next General Ray Tracing audio changes everything

Forza Horizon 5: The next General Ray Tracing audio changes everything

The playground game reveals that the Forza Horizon 5 will feature the next gen Radiation-discovered audio.

As we do today Announced Playground games announced many details about engine sound audio upgrades and more.

But the information goes a step further, revealing that developers will be using the next Gen Ray Force Horizon 5 to discover audio with 90FPS.

Now some people may be wondering how audio can and does shine, but radiation tracking does not mean that everything starts to shine in graphics, which means that light sources “jump” on objects in the environment and reflect and continue to explode in the wider environment.

The same goes for the next gen ray tracing audio. These sound vehicles “radiate” the world and push the environment, which in some situations leads to new sound effects.

A great example is driving through a subway. But even a wild ride through a mountain range can affect the mechanical sounds in the Forza Horizon 5. Audio sound changes as asphalt and sand move forward or down. The possibilities seem limitless and playground games like to start right here.

Also, the developers of the Force Horizon 5 have captured different sounds for their respective perspectives, which should be particularly noticeable in the cockpit view. Players can tell from the noise of the vehicle and from the tires whether the players have taken the curve well or not.

The playground game ensures that the sound on the Xbox Series X / S sounds even better, as significant compression can be used here. This “high fidelity audio”, i.e. high fidelity audio, is used across the entire audio spectrum, playing not only vehicle sounds, but all audio tracks.

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