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Regional Success Training Support (AF2R)

Regional Success Training Support (AF2R)

The “Accompaniment Formation Readiness Region” (AF2R) system, which replaces the former Czech Formation Readiness (CFR) system, was validated by the Standing Committee on July 8, 2022 with an envelope of 1 million euros.

Objective: Respond to individual training needs outside of the joint training program

AF2R is an individual aid to training that complements the joint training available in the Regional Apprenticeship Programme. This assistance is designed for jobseekers and jobseekers registered with Pôle Emploi (registered with Local Employment, Cap Emploi or APEC) in Réunion for at least 12 months and over 16 years of age.

Its objectives are:

Eligibility level of beneficiaries should be raised

- Meets target competency requirements of organizations

- To facilitate access to an expanded training offer

The intervention sector of the new AF2R system is divided into 5 sections

The new system provides limited coverage for certain expenses (tuition, transport, accommodation and catering) in addition to mobilizing the beneficiary’s personal training account, depending on the applicant’s status and resources.

It is divided into 5 non-aggregate components:

- Training support Within the framework of the VAE certificate, for preparation for competitions in the public service, in the context of the development and improvement or rehabilitation of skills related to professional retraining for financial training in regionally defined shortage occupations or priority economic sectors, training for admission to the certificate of professional training of driver and road safety teacher, for qualification training registered in the regional vocational training program where the sessions are completed Practice…

- Language support To learn or strengthen foreign language skills

- Auxiliary Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) For support stage of VAE

- Mobility Training Support (Mainland) For specific professional training offered at vocational institutions offering non-local RNCP degrees

- International training support For training not available on French territory and accredited at national and European level.

Allocation of assistance is conditional on a clearly defined professional program on the part of the beneficiary and the training in question must be the culmination of a professional integration program or form a short-term activity.

Download the exact methods of AF2R here

Steps in the AF2R Support Request and Payment Cycle

For the “Training” and “Languages” categories, the request for funding must be subject to the recommendation of a professional development advisor through an individual opportunity reference. For all 5 divisions, the files are registered in one of the regional branches, which sends the files to the ASP, which is responsible for financial and administrative management and monitoring and control of the system. A contract document binds the region, the training organization, the ASP and the beneficiary. The AF2R will be issued to the Training Institute at the end of the training and send supporting documents.