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Reggio, the latter- "Miramare" / Brunetti: Everyone chooses for themselves.  And Psi Irene - "unloading" the tempo striato

Reggio, the latter- “Miramare” / Brunetti: Everyone chooses for themselves. And Psi Irene – “unloading” the tempo striato

Reggio Calabria – As already highlighted by Tempostretto, the acting mayor of Reggio Calabria Paolo Brunetti yesterday concluded talks with a majority of political forces. Civic lists and parties.

Citizen “green light”

From S’intesi to the turning point, from the Reset to Falling with Reggio to the democratic spring “green light” the municipality was removed without any reservation: it was not taken as an order, the first citizen to be suspended nearby was Giuseppe Falcomatà, and above all 32 municipal councilors Overall number.
Nine councilors of civil descent are equivalent to this The majority of the majority; Furthermore, it reveals that the positions of the two directors of Italia Viva are difficult to distinguish significantly.effe-effe.

PSI “Spring” Calabro

Soon it was time Socialist Party. More serious problem came. In front of the stunned Brunetti – a little amused – Provincial Secretary Gianni Milana and former Municipal Councilor Antonio Ruolo (At the height of Atta he was ready to replace Irene Calabro with the “Fished” Nino Zimbalati and return to Palazzo San Giorgio.) There was a bad political dispute.
It is also worth noting that representatives of A testa alta Zimbalatti (still) and Aldo Azzarello were a little shocked. In fact, the delegation was monopolistic because the list was united; In October 2020, as a testament to the fact that the talks in this round had “photographed” the position and identity of the lists, the big promise of the center-left was determined, and then, in the second round, Giuseppe Falcomatà’s clear victory.

Antonio Ruolo: Return to City Council soon

But the most important thing The reason Various views …
Yes, there is a formal reason Different reconstruction Levels two and so on are part of it Events that led to the appointment of Irene Calabro – In this round, Psi-Ahead rose to become the only councilor on the single board formally elected to the Socialist Assembly, with only 2 waste options in Gimbalti – after previous experience as an external councilor in the city council.

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However, in the sense, I have to say that Ruvolo and Milana “competed” Download Tamil Irene Calabro, Does not feel represented on a personal level or in relation to the symbol of the Socialist Party. Speaking of which, he shouted for it even though it was a head high Is going on “The actual and complete removal of a municipal council is not just the removal of one or two councilors.” One hypothesis, the latter, is undesirable for many, and it can be perceived by public opinion as having negative consequences.

Clear criteria

That is why it has also been definitively clarified A couple of criteria.

Giuggi Palmenta, Councilor for Equal Opportunities

First: When we talk about zero, we are talking about zero. Total. External evaluators, of course. But will go home – At least in the first instance; We will see – More and more men and women joined the council because they were “rewarded” for the harvest of the votes collected.
This “coupon” certainly did not come on a free and voluntary basis, and even after one year in office, severe dissatisfaction could not be determined here.

Massimiliano Meranda (The Turn)
According to him, he represents urban decor

Second thing: it has been definitively clarified All proxies assigned so far to “executive directors” will be involved.
Even disgraceful Representatives of the purpose Who intends to be very innovative, My lady

Possible echoes, of course, and more Heads of Commissions Councilors.

Article One & c.

If so, a third thing to say. In other words, it is absolutely impossible to think of a “joint schedule” that would take into account the immediate possible weights, counter weights, and possible restructuring in the metropolis.
However, even there, the “senselli” has to work by hand.
E It is no coincidence that Filippo Quartzio, an article, was not involved in the delegation In that, he must have been a “necessary” part of it (Elected to Palazzo San Giorgio and Representative Metro Advisor on Culture) He would have shouted “I am not represented in any way” by Alex Tripodi & C. In clear writing.

Dimitrio Delfino, Welfare Councilor

And, beware, “Case” Demetrio Delfino stands out completely, Having left the Democrats for some time, the article One-Reggio was largely selected on the bold list, however, many say that today he will find himself in the ranks of the Democrats and the metropolitan progressives of Nino de Guidano.
This is not a question of goat wool, but of the number in the congregation. With the “real” presence that the article explicitly states; And even counting Delphino, Grandstand spaces for DPs who suddenly control themselves.

The Continuation of work when modifying heavier proxies.In the case in question, there is no doubt that it is in the interest.

Now the minorities …

Philomina Yotti (Dedication and Identity)

Now Brunetti has asked all the center-left forces, so can Zero quickly and then create a new executive? not at all. The acting mayor, in fact, wants to hear the end, before “touching the ball”. Events of all minority forces.
Because he wants to understand how the center-right parties and La Strata will position themselves, yes, but above all now FalcomatàTemporarily) Left the scene. And He can really count on any number in the congregation, in the end.

However, until this morning, I have to say. There is no opposition adviser It seems that the date and time for the delegation involved have not even been called.

Crisis … Parliament

After the classification of Wanda Faro, the regional leader of the Brothers of Italy – it must be said that it was triggered. In the center right The political crisis in the municipality of Reggio Calabria is a kind of “race” to parliament.

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In a joint document, Coraggio Italia Maurizio D’Ettore’s Deputy and Regional Coordinator, Forza Italia Ciccio Cannizzaro and Ferro’s Deputy and Provincial CoordinatorParliamentary question on the “regio case” that saw D’Etto as the first signatory.

Nicola Moldeni, Undersecretary of the Interior

They point out that Northern League Undersecretary of State Nicola Moldeni did not exclude Falcomatà & c from the events that affected it. The municipality of Reggio may be dissolved.

“At the level of the central offices and in the province of Reggio Calabria will be closely monitored,” a situation reported in the Moldeni Chamber.

From left: Denise Nesky and Wanda Fero (Fdi)

However, in another joint note, Wanda Faro and signed Denis Neski, FDI’s provincial commissioner, said the party was “following the evolution of the crisis very closely.”, Apparently following the “Miramare sentence” of politics “and” evaluating “the coalition parties” because it is the fate of a very important city in the national context. ” They all need to take the position of “being fully shared” Cast of center-right sorting.

League: Immediately to the notary

Already. only that In these hours, Until something really significant changes, Lega Municipal Councilors “will go to the notary to file their resignations in any case.. If other opposition advisers do not do so, it will be announced at the next press conference soon Defender of Reggio and against the cityCarosio’s qualified sources let us know.

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