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5 games in December have already been confirmed

5 games in December have already been confirmed

Xbox Game Boss News Wave in the Second Half of November Not finished yet – Evil Genius 2 is still missing, scheduled for the last day of the month – we still have it Five games have been confirmed for December.

Microsoft’s regular announcement has not yet arrived, but thanks to the information we have, we can already outline Part of the December lineup for the Xbox Game Pass. On the 2nd day they will start in service Lawn mowing simulator And method-based strategy games Warhammer 40,000: Battlefield, Launches on the Xbox console. Immaculate Conception Day will be the turning point of a game that requires no introduction. The halo is infinite, Coming December 14th at the same time New Xbox console version of Among Us And The Kung on December 16th, exclusively by Microsoft from the following day.

Xbox Game Boss | 5 games in December have already been confirmed

  • Grass Cutting Simulator – 2 December
  • Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector – December 2
  • Hollow Infinite – December 8
  • Among us – 14 December
  • Kung – 16 December

We use this opportunity to remind you that they were added a few days ago Mortal Shell, before we leave the E Man Simulator. But, on November 30th, 8 games will be removed from the Xbox Game Boss list.

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