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Redefining: New certificates are online, where to download them

Redefining: New certificates are online, where to download them

This time it was perfect! The new prison, which went into effect in 16 departments on Saturday, March 20, began with a mess around travel certificates. Considered too complex, too complete or incomplete, it was reviewed a few hours after it was published online on Saturday morning. Its new version is now available On the website of the Ministry of the Interior or the government. This is an older version on TousAntiCovid this Sunday morning, March 21st, and it is not specified when it will be updated.

Officials, facing criticism, decided not to force the certificate to travel less than 10 kilometers from his home within a limited area: “a simple proof of address” such as “an identity document” is sufficient. “For French nationals who do not have the correct address for residence, or who are locked up where there is no proof of residency (EDF invoice type …), it is always possible to use the travel certificate system,” Matticknon told AFP.

Two certificates

Remember that traveling to school, going to school with your children, going to a cultural institution (media library, etc.) or to a place of worship or carrying out your administrative or legal procedures can only be done in your field if you live. Limited area. Remember to bring a certificate and supporting documents in this case: travel for professional activities, tasks of public interest, health (counseling and care), a compelling family reason, disability situation, judicial or administrative summons or a move can be carried out without distant limit in these regions. “These reasons recognize people living outside the departments subject to reinforced measures to go to the departments concerned for these reasons”, we can read in this certificate.

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Another certificate is also available online on the Interior Ministry’s website. Outside of the curfew order, it is to be used to travel across the territory, from 7pm to 6am. A professional activity, a health reason, a compelling family reason, a disability situation, a judicial or administrative summons, the public interest, transportation and long-distance travel or the release of pets justify a trip from 7pm to 6am France. For business trips, a certificate is required to be completed by the employer Website of the Ministry of the Interior Again.

A fine of 135 euros

As with previous certificates, these certificates contain your personal information (name, first name, address), departure time, but you will sometimes need to indicate the reason for your trip, along with its credentials. A fine of 135 euros is expected for persons tested for non-certification. If the offense is repeated within 15 days, the fine increases to 200 euros and can be increased to 450 (if not paid or disputed within the time limit indicated in the violation notice). After three offenses in 30 days, the fine is 3,750 euros and 6 months imprisonment.

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* 16 limited fields:

  • Som
  • North
  • Boss-de-Klois
  • Voice
  • Sean Maritime
  • Euro
  • Alps-Myriads
  • Aisney
  • Paris
  • Sean-Ed-Marne
  • Yvelines
  • Ezone
  • Hots-de-Sean
  • Sean-Saint-Denis
  • Wall-de-Marne
  • Wall-de-Ois